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Group SMS

An efficient and cost effective way to ensure targeted direct marketing is the use of Group SMS. Not only does it help in the avquring of new business, but help in further improving the relationship wirh existing customers and those with the business prospects. This is one of the most effective way to further augment your other marketing drves and even lead the initiative.

GroupSMS.ae also provides you with a Software application or an SMS Marketing campaign that assists you in targeting larger number of customers at the desired time with an effective cost.

2 way SMS

Short Code numbers are 4 digit numbers. These numbers will give you highest throughput of any cross network messaging solution, and rely on high-speed direct connections. Short codes are almost essential for 2-way applications which require premium rate text messaging. We are offering premium rate messaging, charged as per mutual interest.

The mobile operator charges the user for the messages and shares the revenue with the content owner or application provider. You can use the system with either a SHARED or DEDICATED Short Code Number. In the case of a shared number, the first ‘keyword’ of any received message will identify the correct recipient.

With a dedicated number you have no restrictions on your use of keywords or responses. Using premium SMS, we can offer your company enhanced revenue streams and partially, or even fully, self funding marketing campaigns.

Just like Short Code the same functionality is in Long Code SMS, only the difference that it will be 10 digit long like a mobile number and you can get SMS from all over world while in Short Code you will only get the messages from home country, another advantages are that in long code user pay standard SMS charges not premium SMS charges, Minimal setup time and cost, Not restricted to national borders, Less likely to get shut off from abuse, No need to set up keywords to get responses and Reliable

Reseller System

Reseller system is the solution provided by Forward Value SMS to support companies or individuals those who want to venture into messaging business. Forward Value SMS reseller system is a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for resellers with dedicated server and control panel to manage the clients/users accounts.

Excel Plugin

Forward Value SMS Excel Plugin makes the task of sending Group SMS very easy for our users. SMS-Excel Plugin seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Excel and enables you to send SMS to mobile phones across the world from your PC using Microsoft Excel.

This Plugin offers unmatched convenience by allowing its users to send personal customized messages to the recipients. For example if a Bank wants to remind its customers about payment of interest on a loan, it can send peronalized Group SMS by mentioning the name of each recipient with his/her amount due and payment due date. For example the message will be like - “Dear Michael, you have to pay an interest of Rs 1066 and the due date is 10th August, 2010.”

This tool is of use to any organization - let it be a school, a financial institution, a stock broker - to send personal customized messages to their large bulk of customers. Moreover, you can easily carry your customers’ data in MS-Excel and send SMS to the customers from anywhere. Just you need a computer connected to Internet and SMS-Excel plugin integrated into MS-Excel.

UAE SMS Marketing Prices for the direct route as follows:
Kuwait SMS Marketing Prices for the direct route as follows:
Oman SMS Marketing Prices for the direct route as follows:
Qatar SMS Marketing Prices for the direct route as follows:
Saudi Arabia SMS Marketing Prices for the direct route as follows:
GroupSMS.ae Email to SMS Service is a simple way to add SMS
As like a Short code, the Long code has the same functionality.
GroupSMS.ae Provides SMS API Service with OTP SMS token feature
Send SMS Directly from Excel Sheet
We UAE Etislat and Du Non Premium and Premium Short Code Service
Send and Recieve SMS through GSM Software